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Welcome to the Corax Help Center

Below is a list of the main pages to help you get started

Getting started

How to configure your organization in Corax and understand the applications features.

Using Corax day to day

Updating information about your organization, risk and security operations decision-making, managing tasks, reporting and inviting users.

Third party integrations

Learn about the third party integrations Corax uses to build your organizations risk profile or communicate data out to third party tools.

Corax metrics

Learn about the calculations and metrics used/generated by Corax.

Corax terminology

Learn about the terminology and research data used within Corax.

Regulations & Standards

Learn about the Regulations and Standards used for compliance reporting within Corax.


Learn about the controls used within Corax.


If you have a question we are pretty sure that someone else has probably already asked it.

Corax admin portal

Learn how to navigate and use the Corax admin portal. This is available to our selected partners only.

Corax releases

Check out what features we've released lately and what’s coming up.

Terms & conditions

Understand our obligations as a service provider and your obligations as a customer.

Privacy policy

Understand our privacy obligations as a service provider.

Website terms of use

Understand how we use your data when interacting with our website.

Cookie policy

Understand how we use your data within cookies generated when using our website.

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